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Do you love mixing up clean e-liquid flavours? Here at E-Liquid UK, we love great tasting eliquid and we’ve spent a lot of time creating our own range of vape liquid concentrates that taste great and don’t ruin your coils. It shouldn’t matter if you’ve been mixing your own e-liquids for a while or have just started, we are confident everyone can find a flavour they love in this range.

Each bottle of E-Liquids UK DIY concentrate comes in a 30ml bottle which can be mixed at 15 or 20% and tastes incredible. Our personal favourites are Mango Rubicon, Birthday Cake and our Smooth Tobacco. So what are you waiting for try our amazing concentrates at just £7.99 each and let us know how you get on.

DIY Flavour Concentrates by E-Liquids UK