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Vape Batteries

Vaping has come a long way in recent years but has been restricted by one of the key ingredients, power. Many vape devices now require so much power that we need to use external batteries and chargers. The most common battery is a 18650 as it has a good balance of capacity and power output for its size.

We also sell replacement internal battery units for popular starter kits such as the Aspire K3 & Innokin Endura.

Battery Safety Is Important

Battieres used in e-cigs are powerful Lithium-ion cells that hold a lot of power and can be dangerous if not treated with respect and stored correctly. Here at E-Liquids UK we strongly advise you to keep batteries stored away safely when not being used and avoid putting them in your pockets or bags with loose coins or keys.

Trust E-Liquids UK For Authentic Vape Batteries

We put great time and effort into sourcing only legitimate batteries for your e-cigarettes. We only purchase from authorised and fully regulated suppliers who uphold the same standards as ourselves. We even have our parent company name "Not Blowing Smoke Ltd" digitally printed on any battery we sell so it is fully traceable and compliant.

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