Top 15 Vaping Problems Answered Today

15 Vaping Problems Answers

Vaping should be an enjoyable experience from the start, little things can turn it into a frustrating experience that could force you back to smoking. We’ve put together a list of the top 15 vaping problems with multiple answers to help keep you from smoking. If after reading these common problems you are still facing […]

6 Reasons Why Vapers Shop Online

6 Reasons Why Vapers Shop Online In 2021

Online vape shops sprung up as vaping took off over the last decade, but nothing compares to the increase in trade over the last 18 months – here are the 6 reasons why. Only three UK vape shops were selling online in 2012 and the beginning of 2013. Of those, only one carried stock as […]

How Much Nicotine Do I Need?

How Much Nicotine Do I Need?

People might talk about an ecig containing the equivalent nicotine as a full pack of 20 cigarettes, but it isn’t as simple as that – so how much nicotine do you actually need? New vapers will walk into a UK Vape Shop and ask the assistant how much nicotine they will need in their premium […]

Am I Vaping Wrong?

Am I Vaping Wrong?

Is everyone else vaping in a different way to you? Are they using other equipment and producing different clouds? Are you concerned you’re vaping wrong? There is such a bewildering array of UK vape liquid and devices from vape shops that it can be difficult to work out which options are best. New electronic cigarette […]

Summer Lovin’ & Vaping In Hot Weather

How The Summer Weather Can Effect Vaping

The heatwave in the UK prompts us to look at how temperatures can affect vaping, the safety aspects, things to consider and other general tips. Are you going off to the beach for a holiday? A camping trip, maybe? Or are you planning on popping to the supermarket to get something in for the BBQ […]

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