Avoiding Illegal Vapes

Avoiding Illegal Vapes Such As Geek Bar Pro

As news breaks that £190,000-worth of illegal Geek Bar Pro vapes have been confiscated in Newcastle, we look at how you can be assured that you are buying legal e-cig products. News has come out this week that Newcastle Trading Standards completed a “massive haul of illegal e-cigarettes” worth almost £200,000. Amazingly, these devices contained […]

Could Vaping Help with Multiple Sclerosis?

Could Vaping Help With Multiple Sclerosis?

New research has shown that quitting smoking slows multiple sclerosis mobility deteriorations meaning that electronic cigarettes could play a key role. Electronic cigarettes could play a key role in slowing multiple sclerosis (MS) mobility deterioration as new research shows patients who quit smoking match the rate of progression in people who’ve never smoked. The government […]

Are E-Liquid Flavours Important?

Are E-Liquid Flavours Important?

There is a huge choice of different flavoured e-liquids, but do we need them? Some researchers produce surprising findings in Europe that help them to argue for banning all but tobacco juices, but more solid evidence from the UK demonstrates that smokers may begin with tobacco e-liquids but move on to sweeter flavours to help […]

More Positive Findings from Oxford University

More Positive Findings On Vaping From Oxford University

Oxford University’s Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine (CEBM) has published the latest update to the Cochrane review of electronic cigarettes for smoking cessation. This “living systematic review” is an evolving summary of the research surrounding the products stocked by every UK vape shop, blending the latest studies into summary recommendations. The CEBM is part of Oxford […]

Good COPs and Bad COPs

Vaping &Amp; Climate Change, Good Cops &Amp; Bad Cops

A World Health Organisation (WHO) conference concerned with electronic cigarettes is currently underway (COP9), but it compares unfavourably with the one taking place addressing the environment (COP26). Independent advocates for e-cigs and vape consumers have been banned from viewing the discussions. COP9 is discussing ways of treating vaping around the world, coming up with policies […]

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