It’s Time To Try Quitting For VApril

It’s Time To Try Quitting For Vapril In 2021

New research shows many ex-smokers lapsed back to tobacco due to Covid lockdown related stress. VApril offers up the opportunity to try quitting smoking for good.

New research shows many ex-smokers lapsed back to tobacco due to Covid lockdown related stress. Plus, smokers yet to switch found they were smoking more the longer restrictions stayed in place. VApril is a month where the truth about the health and financial benefits of vaping is promoted to help tobacco users switch. This is the time to take up the opportunity to try quitting smoking for good by switching to something rewarding that is at least 95% safer.

What is this study about smoker behaviour?
Mintel is the market intelligence company behind the latest study looking at smoking cessation and e-cigarette use in the United Kingdom.

What did it find?
Mintel says: “The stress of COVID-19 has fuelled Britain’s smoking habit…over half (51%) of smokers are stress-smoking more since the beginning of the pandemic.

“While the pandemic is shining a spotlight on the nation’s health concerns, young smokers, in particular, are turning to vices as 39% of smokers aged 18-34 say they are now smoking more regularly. Meanwhile, a further 10% of all smokers have started smoking again after quitting. Overall, 30% of smokers are smoking more regularly since the start of the pandemic.

“But it’s not just smoking which has seen increases; more than four in 10 (42%) e-cigarette users are vaping more regularly too.”

What do the researchers say?
Roshida Khanom, Category Director, Mintel Beauty & Personal Care, said: “The pandemic has elevated stress levels, and amongst smokers, this has seen an increase in smoking frequency. And there is a lot to be worried about, especially amongst young smokers who have health concerns and financial woes weighing on their minds.

“There has been a peak amongst young smokers where increased unemployment and job uncertainty is likely to have driven rates. These added stressors may be the reason for the disconnect between smokers’ health concerns and their habits: despite seven in 10 (69%) considering their respiratory health more important to them, smoking rates are up. 

“Smoking is seen as a small vice especially during these times when there is little else to distract people. While the easing of lockdown restrictions will tackle loneliness and boredom, two factors that have boosted smoking rates, it will take more to reverse the habits developed during the prolonged periods of lockdown.”

I’d like to switch to vaping, where can I find help?
Firstly, your local quit service should be able to help you – but some are still behind the curve when it comes to vaping.

E-Liquids UK is always happy to help walk you through the process. If you want help online, this month sees the return of the annual VApril campaign.

VApril? What is that?
is “the largest campaign worldwide to help smokers successfully switch to vaping, which is recognised by Public Health England as being at least 95% less harmful than conventional cigarettes”.

The website provides a simple to follow guide to switching from smoking to vaping.