“Vaping” is in the News but for all the wrong reasons

I’m sure you’ve seen the news over the last few days, either in the printed press or shared via Social Media. For anyone who hasn’t looked into the details properly, in the USA there has been a spate of illnesses and regrettably, now 6 people have died as a result of buying and using black-market, THC (Cannabis) pre-filled cartridges/tanks.

The most important thing to get across to people you speak with is that this is a completely different product from traditional vaping. These have been made in unknown conditions and the dangerous compound causing the issues is Vitamin E Acetate, which is found naturally occurring in things like almonds and corn, or can be synthetically made from petroleum.

Vitamin E is used in foods, creams and cosmetics and is perfectly safe to use externally or consume internally, it’s extremely dangerous when heated and inhaled as it returns back to an oil form inside of the lungs.

These black-market cartridges similar to the ones (pictured above) use Vitamin E Acetate as a thickener.

Unfortunately, the press, as usual, is putting their own spin on it and reporting the likes of “Vaping Kills, Vaping Deaths” etc. You can understand how someone ill-informed could be confused and worried about the vaping products they purchase.

What is crucial is to inform and educate those who need assistance, that the deaths and illnesses have been caused by American black-market THC (cannabis) cartridges and that they are not even close to the type of vaping products we sell.

In the UK, our government and NHS are viewed externally as extremely progressive by championing vaping as an alternative nicotine delivery system to smoking. Remember when the Royal College of Physicians in London announced that vaping is 95% safer than smoking?