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Vaping Banned at Qatar’s Fifa 2022 World Cup

Vaping Banned In Qatar Stadiums For Fifa 2022

Fifa World Cup 2022 is about to kick off in Qatar but e-liquid and e-cig users need to be careful as the nation’s ban extends beyond the terraces. Fifa Qatar’s World Cup organisers are promising a festival of football from 30th November to 18th December. Are you planning to visit to enjoy the atmosphere or […]

The WHO Tobacco Control Report Attacked

World Health Organisation (Who) Tobacco Control Report Is Attacked

The WHO Framework Convention On Tobacco Control report carries information about vaping for the first time, but it has been criticised by tobacco harm reduction experts. Last week, The World Health Organization (WHO) released its Framework Convention On Tobacco Control (FCTC) report. For the first time, it directly addresses the subject of electronic cigarettes. Experts […]