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Vape Tanks: Why Is There So Many?

Does There Need To Be So Many Vape Tanks?

E-Liquids UK looks at the perplexing subject of vape tanks. Often referred to as atomisers, people new to vaping can find it a very confusing issue as there are so many different types. What is a dripper? Is there a difference between RDAs and RTAs? What on earth is a squonk tank? Which one is […]

Vaping Helps Ex-Smokers Quit For Good

The University Of Queensland Australia Has Conducted Research And Found Vaping Helps Ex Smokers Quit Forever

A new study in the journal Addictive Behaviours finds that switching to vaping helps smokers quit tobacco use. Not only does it work as a cessation tool, but it keeps smokers from slipping back into their old habit – which is great news for anyone looking to quit smoking during VApril (a month dedicated to […]

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