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ASH Clears the Air over Vaping

Ash Uk Clears The Air - Vape Misunderstandings

Anti-smoking charity Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) has issued a briefing to clear up vaping misunderstandings held by officials, schools and parents. The document aims to counter concerns held over teen vaping and the use of vape kits in general. The submission has been welcomed by consumer charity the New Nicotine Alliance. What is […]

Truth About Vaping Shared From Australia

The Truth About Vaping Shared From Australia

Dr Janni Leung shares facts and evidence in anti e-cigarette Australia that could echo around the world and influence future laws. Dr Janni Leung works as an Emerging Leadership Fellow at the University of Queensland’s National Centre for Youth Substance Use Research. She has taken the courageous step to share facts learned about e-cigarettes and […]

Do Vapers Risk Getting Gum Disease?

Do Vapers Risk Getting Gum Disease

Stories are warning that vaping is linked to gum disease, but what do the experts say? Several newspapers and the BBC have carried stories about a link between vaping and gum disease. Even The British Dental Association made a negative statement following the release of the government’s recent Khan Review of tobacco control in the […]

Is Popcorn Lung A Genuine Risk?

Is Popcorn Lung A Genuine Risk

Recently, The Daily Mail, The Daily Express, ITV and several other news outlets have carried stories about UK vapers running the risk of contracting ‘popcorn lung’ – an inflammatory lung disease. Is this genuine, do electronic cigarettes and UK E-Liquids really pose this risk to people who have swapped away from tobacco? Betteridge’s Law of […]

Nicotine Doesn’t Pose A Cancer Risk

Experts Say That Nicotine Doesn'T Pose A Cancer Risk

Dr David Khayat, a prominent French oncologist, has urged other cancer experts to join him in telling people that nicotine doesn’t pose a cancer risk. In a live presentation that was streamed around the world, Dr Khayat promoted electronic cigarettes and suggested that all medical and public health professionals should promote vaping to smokers. Dr […]