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Why Should You Recycle Your Vape & Batteries?

Why You Should Recycle Your Vape &Amp; Batteires

It is imperative that electronic cigarette users dispose of old batteries and sealed devices safely and as a responsible vendor we are happy to help recycle your items and protect the planet. The other week, we touched on battery safety and how switching from tobacco cigarettes to vaping reduced house fires. When lithium-ion vape batteries […]

ASH Influences New UK Vape Legislation

Ash Hoping To Influence New Uk Vape Legislation In 2021

ASH/Parliament Group report aims to direct the new UK tobacco and vaping legislation. A new report on tobacco and vaping from Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) and the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Smoking and Health (APPG) seeks to influence government rules. It has been met enthusiastically by politicians and gives a good idea of […]

Who Is Promoting The Right To Vape?

Who Is Promoting The Right To Vape?

Many people are working behind the scenes to promote e-cigarette use as a harm reduction tool from politicians to the media but who are they? We look at the charities, consumer groups and trade bodies that are busy fighting vaping’s corner. As vaping grew around the world so too did the number of organisations set […]

Vaping Helps Ex-Smokers Quit For Good

The University Of Queensland Australia Has Conducted Research And Found Vaping Helps Ex Smokers Quit Forever

A new study in the journal Addictive Behaviours finds that switching to vaping helps smokers quit tobacco use. Not only does it work as a cessation tool, but it keeps smokers from slipping back into their old habit – which is great news for anyone looking to quit smoking during VApril (a month dedicated to […]

PayPal Leaves the Vape Industry Behind

E-Liquids Uk Parting Ways With Paypal After 6 Years

E Liquids UK customers have contacted us asking what happened to the option to pay for orders by PayPal. Unfortunately, this has become an industry-wide issue and we responded promptly to ensure that secure alternative options are available. This article explains the events that led to this point. We first faced problems with PayPal back […]

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