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Cancer Research UK Provides Clarity on Vaping

Cancer Research Uk Provides Clarity On Vaping Legislation

Cancer Research UK has provided timely clarity about electronic cigarettes as the government considers how to change how we regulate them. Cancer Research UK (CRUK) has advocated the use of e-cigarettes for a number of years. Now, as the government is considering how vape legislation might be changed, the body details precisely what we do […]

Do Bans Work? The Arguments Against Prohibition

Do Bans Work? The Arguments Against Prohibition

Many e-cigarette users might not give any consideration to the laws that govern what they buy, others might not care for politics at all, but everything from the type of tank we use to the amount of nicotine in an e-liquid is tightly controlled by the government. As we enter the post-Brexit world, MPs will […]

Professor Peter Hajek’s Views on Vaping

Professor Hajek’s Honest Views On Vaping

Professor Peter Hajek’s a key figure in the vaping debate. He has been conducting research into vaping from the early days and was quickly convinced by published work that vaping offered a huge opportunity to combat tobacco-related disease. Findings from his own work encouraged him to speak about vaping’s positive aspects, something he’s done frequently […]

Scientists Say Vaping Holds The Same Danger As Drinking Coffee

Scientists Say Nicotine Is As Dangerous As Caffeine In Coffee

Leading UK scientists who specialise in tobacco and tobacco harm reduction have said the risk profile of using nicotine in vaping is the same as the caffeine in a cup of coffee. The statements have been made by the Royal Society for Public Health, Professor John Britton, and Dr Lion Shahab.   In 2010 a […]

How Well Do You Know Nicotine?

Do You Know Nicotine?

Research shows that nicotine is all-too-frequently confused with tobacco in the minds of the public. At the same time, this common compound is present in the food you eat, holds the potential to treat severe ailments and (in e-liquid) could save a billion smokers’ lives. “You Don’t Know Nicotine” is a new film that explores […]

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