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What Will The Future Bring For UK Vaping?

What Will The Future Bring For Uk Vaping?

2022 saw the release of three major reports that supported vaping in the United Kingdom and a troubling one about teen use, and all four look set to play a major role in decision-making during 2023. 2022 saw the release of two major reports that supported vaping in the United Kingdom, one from Cochrane, one […]

Vape Sector Addressing Sustainability

The Vape Sector Is Addressing Sustainability

The vape sector is building momentum as more companies are announcing plans to adopt more sustainable policies for their products and improving their approach to the environment. While disposables have experienced a boom in the UK e-cigarette and e-liquid sector through the convenience of use and technological advances, concerns have been rising over the waste […]

Recycling Disposable Vapes

Recycling Disposable Vapes In The Uk

Despite the overwhelming popularity of disposable vapes, recycling experts have announced that users and the government need to take recycling them more seriously. Sales of UK disposable vapes have boomed over the last twelve months, but the combination of single-use plastics, lithium-ion batteries and internal circuit boards poses a problem due to the volume being […]

Why Should You Recycle Your Vape & Batteries?

Why You Should Recycle Your Vape &Amp; Batteires

It is imperative that electronic cigarette users dispose of old batteries and sealed devices safely and as a responsible vendor we are happy to help recycle your items and protect the planet. The other week, we touched on battery safety and how switching from tobacco cigarettes to vaping reduced house fires. When lithium-ion vape batteries […]