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‘Talk to Frank’ Offers Free Vaping Advice

Talk To Frank Offers Vaping Advice

‘Talk To Frank’ is a service run by the UK government that offers advice on drug use. It has been updated to include factual information about vaping and electronic cigarettes. It proves yet again that not only is vaping an excellent alternative to smoking but the United Kingdom continues to lead the world with its […]

Are There Chemicals In Vapes?

Are There Chemicals In Vapes?

Some people try to scare smokers away from switching to e-cigarettes because they say there are chemicals in vapes. We look at whether there are chemicals in e-liquid, what risk they pose and whether you should pay attention to alarmist newspaper headlines. The Daily Mail recently covered the news of Australian researchers publishing a study […]

UKHSA Addresses 7 Vaping Myths

Ukhsa Addresses 7 Vaping Myths

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) has replaced Public Health England for the oversight of electronic cigarettes, vaping, and tobacco harm reduction. It has readdressed the subject of common misconceptions about e-cig use with the aim of clearing up the myths and putting minds at rest. The UK Health Security Agency notes that electronic cigarettes […]

Where Can You Vape in the UK?

Where Can You Vape In The Uk?

Where Can You Vape? With many people switching over from smoking to vaping in the last couple of months, we answer the most popular questions. January heralded the NHS’s Quit Campaign and the push to get smokers to switch to vaping has continued into February. With many smokers having swapped cigarettes for vape devices and e-liquids, […]

Wales Is Now Promoting Vaping

Wales Is Now Promoting Vaping To Help People Quit Smoking

After years of the Welsh Senedd pushing against tobacco harm reduction, Wales now promotes vaping to smokers and is proving crucial to driving down smoking rates. NHS Wales is building on the success experienced in England to include advice about electronic cigarettes as part of its Help Me Quit service. Since April 2020, there has […]