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The EU Nicotine Users Survey Results

The European Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates Report Back On Its Eu Nicotine Users Survey

The European Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates report back on its EU Nicotine Users Survey where it amassed an incredible 35,000 responses. European Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates (ETHRA) has published a report on its huge EU Nicotine Users Survey. The results – from more than 35,000 EU respondents – confirm that there is an unstoppable movement […]

Can Nicotine Make Your Brain Work Better?

New Research Finds That Nicotine Has A Positive Impact On Attention Span

New research finds that nicotine has a positive impact on attention span. Many smokers frequently say they enjoy using tobacco because it helps them pay attention. Vapers say that the act of using an electronic cigarette aids them to focus on a subject, but is it true? A research team has examined almost forty studies […]

The Side Effects of Vaping

The Side Effects Of Vaping

Here is some advice on some of the side effects of vaping. There is no argument that smoking is bad; all of the UK’s public health bodies now advise smokers to either quit entirely or, if that is difficult, switch to vaping. A few people may experience a side effect after switching to electronic cigarettes. […]

Scientists Say Vaping Holds The Same Danger As Drinking Coffee

Scientists Say Nicotine Is As Dangerous As Caffeine In Coffee

Leading UK scientists who specialise in tobacco and tobacco harm reduction have said the risk profile of using nicotine in vaping is the same as the caffeine in a cup of coffee. The statements have been made by the Royal Society for Public Health, Professor John Britton, and Dr Lion Shahab.   In 2010 a […]

How Well Do You Know Nicotine?

Do You Know Nicotine?

Research shows that nicotine is all-too-frequently confused with tobacco in the minds of the public. At the same time, this common compound is present in the food you eat, holds the potential to treat severe ailments and (in e-liquid) could save a billion smokers’ lives. “You Don’t Know Nicotine” is a new film that explores […]

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