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Dental Professionals Given Expert Advice

Dental Professionals Given Expert Advice On Vaping

Recently, we told you how some dentists are warning that vaping is linked to gum disease, fortunately, the leading UK dentistry magazine has published a brilliant factual piece about vaping. With misleading quotes from the British Dental Association and anecdotal comments from patients on the BBC, dentists have been misinformed about the relative dangers posed […]

University Vape Pilot Scheme Was A Success

University Of East Anglia Vape Study Was A Success

An electronic cigarette pilot scheme conducted by the University of East Anglia has met with resounding success leaving hopes it could be adopted nationally. Led by Professor Caitlin Notley at the Norwich Medical School, the scheme discovered that handing out starter kit vouchers helped even hardened smokers break their tobacco habit. Who was involved in […]

Does Vaping Get A Fair Press?

Does Vaping Get A Fair Press?

Newspapers and television carry many stories about electronic cigarettes and vaping – but do they give tobacco harm reduction a fair deal? As vaping has grown in popularity so has the divide in the scientific community. With most news stories in the media originating from press releases, a question has been asked recently about the […]

Reviewing The Safety of Vaping

Reviewing The Safety Of Vaping

We are reviewing the safety of Vaping. With over ten years of use in the UK, some people still object to the NHS supporting vaping as a quit smoking option. What ought to be clear to everyone, smoking is very dangerous so UK public health bodies all fully endorse the use of electronic cigarettes to […]

New Position Statement from Asthma + Lung UK

New Position Statement From Asthma + Lung Uk

Asthma + Lung UK has released a position statement about vaping and reducing smoking for the first time since Asthma UK merged with the British Lung Foundation in 2020. The merger took place to save £2 million a year in running costs and became the Asthma UK and British Lung Foundation Partnership – going by […]