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Free Vape Kits For Pregnant Smokers

Free Vape Kits For Pregnant Smokers In The Uk

Free vape starter kits are being provided to pregnant women in Lambeth, a borough in South London. The action has been taken to help improve the lives of families and save them money by eliminating the need and desire to purchase tobacco products. Councillors believe the move will improve lives by eliminating the harm posed […]

Does Vaping Carry A Serious Risk?

Does Vaping Carry A Serious Risk?

The Observer newspaper ran an editorial last week that stated vaping with e-cigarettes poses a “serious risk”. The article, “The Observer view on the dangers of assuming vaping is a safe alternative to smoking”, contained multiple factual errors, and smoking cessation experts have pointed out that the editorial misrepresents research and opinion. What did the […]

Cost of Living Crisis? Switch To Vaping

Cost Of Living Crisis - Switch To Vaping And Save!

Experts are saying there’s never been a better time to switch from smoking to vaping and save £££ thousands to help combat the current cost of living crisis. The experts running the current Stoptober campaign have highlighted how switching from smoking tobacco products to vaping can help you save thousands of pounds. Coming at a […]

Dental Professionals Given Expert Advice

Dental Professionals Given Expert Advice On Vaping

Recently, we told you how some dentists are warning that vaping is linked to gum disease, fortunately, the leading UK dentistry magazine has published a brilliant factual piece about vaping. With misleading quotes from the British Dental Association and anecdotal comments from patients on the BBC, dentists have been misinformed about the relative dangers posed […]

University Vape Pilot Scheme Was A Success

University Of East Anglia Vape Study Was A Success

An electronic cigarette pilot scheme conducted by the University of East Anglia has met with resounding success leaving hopes it could be adopted nationally. Led by Professor Caitlin Notley at the Norwich Medical School, the scheme discovered that handing out starter kit vouchers helped even hardened smokers break their tobacco habit. Who was involved in […]