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‘Talk to Frank’ Offers Free Vaping Advice

Talk To Frank Offers Vaping Advice

‘Talk To Frank’ is a service run by the UK government that offers advice on drug use. It has been updated to include factual information about vaping and electronic cigarettes. It proves yet again that not only is vaping an excellent alternative to smoking but the United Kingdom continues to lead the world with its […]

Do Vapers Risk Getting Gum Disease?

Do Vapers Risk Getting Gum Disease

Stories are warning that vaping is linked to gum disease, but what do the experts say? Several newspapers and the BBC have carried stories about a link between vaping and gum disease. Even The British Dental Association made a negative statement following the release of the government’s recent Khan Review of tobacco control in the […]

Can Vaping Help With Mental Health Issues?

Can Vaping Help With Mental Health Issues?

Smoking rates in people suffering from mental health problems are very high. While the number of people in general still smoking has steadily fallen to an all-time low of 14.5% in the United Kingdom, the percentage of mental health sufferers still smoking is much higher. Researchers at Dartmouth University’s Geisel School of Medicine think electronic […]

The Costed NHS Vaping Trial Begins

The Costed Nhs Vaping Trial Has Begun

The pioneering COSTED NHS Vaping Trial has taken off in the United Kingdom and promises to show if supplying e-cig kits to NHS patients saves the health service money. University of East Anglia’s pioneering COSTED Trial is now being implemented across NHS emergency departments within the United Kingdom. While many studies have been conducted and […]

Proof That E-Liquids Need Flavour

Proof That E-Liquids Need Flavour

A new research study from the United States has looked at what happens when places ban e-liquid flavours (apart from tobacco), and the results show the importance of choice. A new research study conducted by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States looked at what has happened in certain places when […]