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Rethinking Addiction and Dependance

Rethinking Addiction And Dependance

Caitlin Notley, a Fellow of the UK Society for the Study of Addiction at the Norwich Medical School, argues that we need to rethink ‘addiction’ and ‘dependence’. Following on from a study looking at how people view nicotine and addiction, Professor Notley argues that “nicotine addiction” is a loaded term that doesn’t reflect the real […]

Is Vaping with an RDA Bad For You?

Is Using And Rda Bad For Your Health?

A new study attempts to whip up fear over using rebuildable dripping atomisers – should we be wary of them or just continue vaping? A new study by researchers at the Eastern Virginia Medical School attempts to whip up fear over the use of rebuildable dripping atomisers – should we be wary of them? A […]

New Vaping and Mental Health Research

New Vaping &Amp; Mental Health Research

A new study from the Yale School of Public Health shows the mental health benefits of switching to vaping. A team of researchers at the Yale School of Public Health have produced estimates from their study that providing patients with depression with the tools to quit smoking could save as many as 125,000 lives over […]

Is Vaping Bad for your Heart?

Is Vaping Bad For Your Heart?

One of the most common half-truths spread about vaping is the fear that it produces formaldehyde – but what do the experts believe? There can’t be a single smoker or e-cigarette user who hasn’t seen a newspaper scare story linking vaping to heart attacks. How did researchers come up with those findings and what do […]

How Well Do You Know Nicotine?

Do You Know Nicotine?

Research shows that nicotine is all-too-frequently confused with tobacco in the minds of the public. At the same time, this common compound is present in the food you eat, holds the potential to treat severe ailments and (in e-liquid) could save a billion smokers’ lives. “You Don’t Know Nicotine” is a new film that explores […]

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