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Advice For New Vapers

Advice For New Vapers 2021

The UK has just under 7 million smokers and a growing number of them are considering trying an electronic cigarette or looking switch. You may have tried one in the past and it didn’t work, you might have switched but are still unsure, but everyone has questions they still need answered. Here we hope to […]

5 Proven Benefits of Switching to Vaping

We Discuss 5 Benefits Of Switching To Vaping

Five things you already experience, thanks to successfully switching from smoking to vaping, or five to look forward to when you use vaping to quit tobacco use. Smokers contacting UK vape shops are motivated by a desire to quit using tobacco, but little do they know just how positive the change can be. Ex-smokers who […]

What Is The Future For Eliquid Flavours?

We Look At The Future For Eliquid Flavours In The Uk

Just as taste varies from person to person, people who support the idea of switching to vaping vary in what they think is acceptable. Disagreement exists over the regulation of brand names, the design of UK eliquid packaging, and what flavours you should be able to buy in your regular and premium vape liquid. With […]

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