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Nicotine Doesn’t Pose A Cancer Risk

Experts Say That Nicotine Doesn'T Pose A Cancer Risk

Dr David Khayat, a prominent French oncologist, has urged other cancer experts to join him in telling people that nicotine doesn’t pose a cancer risk. In a live presentation that was streamed around the world, Dr Khayat promoted electronic cigarettes and suggested that all medical and public health professionals should promote vaping to smokers. Dr […]

Yorkshire Cancer Research Encourages Vaping

Yorkshire Cancer Research Encourages Vaping

Yorkshire Cancer Research has delivered updated advice about e-cigarettes, vaping, and tobacco harm reduction, answering common questions with documented facts. Yorkshire Cancer Research has taken a leading role in educating the public about the benefits of switching from smoking to vaping, its new update is very welcome. Are e-cigarettes as dangerous as smoking? Yorkshire Cancer […]

Cancer Research UK Provides Clarity on Vaping

Cancer Research Uk Provides Clarity On Vaping Legislation

Cancer Research UK has provided timely clarity about electronic cigarettes as the government considers how to change how we regulate them. Cancer Research UK (CRUK) has advocated the use of e-cigarettes for a number of years. Now, as the government is considering how vape legislation might be changed, the body details precisely what we do […]