Vapetasia – Killer Kustard E-Liquid Review

Killer Kustard E-Liquid Review

As promised in my previous review of Vapetasia’s Vape Lemonade here is my review of another of the many Vapetasia lines. Today I am looking at the Killer Kustard line which consists of  Vanilla custard and Strawberry custard e liquids. There is a Lemon Killer Custard also but this was out of stock at E Liquids UK at the time of ordering.

I do like a good custard and recently over on my website and YouTube, I have reviewed some very good custards indeed. For me though while I enjoy them it is increasingly hard to find decent custard juices these days. For that reason, I started to go off these types of flavour for a while.

The Killer Kustard line from Vapetasia is available in 50ml short fill bottles. I’m sure now most of you know what short fills are I will not bore you again with an explanation. The liquids are blended as a 70vg / 30pg mix and are priced at £12.99. Let’s crack on with the review.

Vanilla Killer Kustard

First off I had to go for the Vanilla Custard. I’m assuming this is the base custard for the line so it makes sense to start there. I am vaping this in the Gnome Evo tank from Wismec. Upon opening the bottle to add in my nicotine I was met with an overwhelming custard. This is a great sign so far, it smelt like a great custard flavour coming out of the bottle so expectations are set very very high. Off I went to vape this and wow what a custard! The inhale is dominated by a rich and creamy vanilla custard which is great considering that’s what it should be tasting like. It is a super sweet flavour but not so sweet that you feel sick from vaping it for me it is perfect. The exhale is not so rich but do not be fooled into thinking that is it for this flavour. For me the exhale whilst not as rich it actually becomes a lot more about the creaminess of the custard. This is a smashing custard flavour and straight into my top three custard flavours. In my top 3, you will find the top two being UK companies so this is my highest ranked custard flavour from outside of the UK. It is a simple flavour, but there is nothing wrong with that if it is done correctly.

Strawberry Killer Kustard

Strawberry custard for me is never done correctly. Perhaps I put too much faith in companies being able to replicate that cheap school dinner strawberry custard taste that I loved so much at 8 years old! But other than maybe two or three companies I have tended to avoid Strawberry custard. What I find is that you either get too much Strawberry that it overpowers the custard or the other way round. Either way, it’s not right for my tastes.

Let us look at this one, this time I am on the Godria Bolt RDA. Inhale, smooth, creamy, custardy and yes there’s the Strawberry. Just enough Strawberry to say it is included and enough for it not to be dominant. I am loving how this one tastes. Again on the exhale things calm down, the custard comes out a touch more along with more cream. This is a great flavour too, well done Vapetasia.

Final words

Vapetasia has impressed me as a company so far with both lines that I have reviewed. With clear attention to the smaller details of the juice, it makes a change to have a consistently good line. From the Killer Kustard line, I would have to say my favourite of the two reviewed is the Vanilla. The creaminess of it leaves me wanting more and this is a liquid that I can feel will be hard to put down.

The custard mix that makes this up is so good that so much more could be done for this line. I can imagine a good few flavours that this could work really well with. Let’s hope this line continues to grow and does not stop here.