Vape Dinner Lady – Dessert Range Review

Vape Dinner Lady Intro

Launching back in May 2016, Vape Dinner Lady came on to the scene and caused quite a stir and a massive amount of hype all based around their new line of liquids. Vape Dinner Lady is a UK company that has gone from strength to strength in terms of popularity and are going to be around for a long time to come that is for sure.

This is a company that at launch ploughed so much into their marketing and presence online that it was hard not to know who they are and I think that has paid off for them. Whilst they do not make as much noise on social media nowadays it is clear they remain a massively popular company and have their lines in stock globally. On top of this, they have won various different awards within the industry.

Vape Dinner Lady have 3 lines available, Desserts, Summer Holidays and 1111 Tobacco. Today I am going to be looking again at the desserts. I originally reviewed 4 of the flavours over on my Youtube channel but since the loss of all my videos, I have decided to go back and review them again including the 3 latest flavours.

The Dessert line is available in various sizes including 10ml, 30ml (3x10ml) and 50ml short fills.

So without keeping you any longer the reviews will follow. The first four will be the original dessert line followed by their latest flavours which were added to the desserts range and released in late 2017.

Lemon Tart

Dinner Lady - Lemon Tart 30ml (3x10ml)
Lemon tart, where to begin on this one. If you have tried dinner ladies liquids before then the chances are it has been lemon tart. This is one of the most hyped juices I have seen online I think in the entire time I have been vaping. Does it stand up to the hype though?

Opening the bottle you are met with the distinctive mixture of lemons and meringue. It actually smells good enough to eat at this point. Inhale is very much a blend of a lovely buttery pie taste mixed with a lemon. It is more of a lemon curd but very nice all the same and much closer to an actual lemon tart. The exhale has both of these with the lemon being a little more dominant here but with the addition of a really tasty meringue to see you right through to the end of the exhale. It is a lovely liquid and to be honest it is still a liquid that I go back to from time to time.

Since the success of lemon tart there have been many companies that have tried to replicate the flavour in their own way and not many have come close to beating it. Sure, there are some great attempts but this stands out alone in terms of its quality.

Strawberry Custard

Dinner Lady - Strawberry Custard 30ml (3x10ml)

Strawberry custard was the next that I tried and this appealed because of my long-term love for custard liquids. The smell from the bottle is pretty much just a strawberry smell, not really any notes of custard coming at this point.

Inhaling is a nice strawberry, just about right in terms of sweetness. There’s an element of a cream here too but as hard as I tried I did not really get anything that reminded me of custard. The exhale, ah yes there’s the custard, it starts to come out pretty well on the exhale and then its over. For me, it reminds me of a strawberry milkshake more than a custard. It is a lot creamier than I expected. It’s not a bad liquid by any means, I think more could have been done to improve on the custard experience. Us custard vapers are fussy!

Cornflake Tart

Dinner Lady - Cornflake 30ml (3x10ml)
Did I ever have cornflake tart at school? I do not recall this. But I am lead to believe it was a school dinner classic! I am not a fan of cornflakes and never have been so I probably avoided this all those years back.

Opening the bottle I can smell the cornflakes by that I mean I can smell a cereal type smell and there’s something else but I cannot make out what it is. So the inhale is distinctively a cereal inhale, its ok, but does not quite capture me like the lemon tart. There is a very subtle hint of strawberry on the back of the inhale.

The exhale that cereal stays on for the duration accompanied by a little bit of a pastry taste. I cannot comment on how close this is to the real thing having not tried it. But this is not a liquid that I have been back to sense and probably wouldn’t. Whilst these are my opinions on this liquid reviews, in general, are a mixed bag for this one. There are of course plenty of people out there that enjoy this.

Rice Pudding

Dinner Lady - Rice Pudding 30ml (3x10ml)

Rice pudding is the last of the original line and this came out later on and replaced maple waffle ( I actually enjoyed maple waffle ) in my opinion it should have replaced cornflake tart but clearly, maple waffle was not as popular.

Straight from the bottle, you can smell a rice smell accompanied by a milky cream type smell. The inhale is definitely a rice flavour going on, its not incredibly strong but it is definitely rice pudding like. The cream notes come at the end and continue into the exhale with the rice pudding flavour too. There are some subtle strawberry tastes coming through and adds a hint of jam to the experience. All in all, this is pretty nice to vape, not an all day vape it’s a little bit of a delicate flavour. If there was a little more to the strawberry then maybe that would change.

Final Thoughts – The Original Dessert Flavours

I cannot help thinking that lemon tart is the reason behind the success of this line to date. For me, the quality and flavour in this one was much higher than in the rest of the line. While there is no doubting that it is a popular brand I do wonder if things would be the same if lemon tart was never made. There are definitely liquids here that people will and do enjoy, however for me it is not quite a strong enough line to keep buying all of these liquids but I will continue vaping lemon tart!

So with this in my mind I did not review their Summer Holiday line, maybe this was a wrong move I am not sure, Let me know? But I did come back review their latest flavours and this was out of choice not because I was offered the opportunity to review it. Read on…

NEW – Orange Tart

Dinner Lady - Orange Tart 30ml (3x10ml)

We have a lemon tart, this time out of this new line is orange tart. From sniffing there is a definite orange coming out of the bottle and strong at that. I have high hopes.

The inhale is a similar pastry to the original lemon tart mixed with an incredibly satisfying orange. The exhale builds on this and the orange is just fantastic. There is a nice level of sweetness to this and the juice is perfectly smooth.

I would not say that the orange is sharp like a real orange it is a lot sweeter and for that reason, I have really enjoyed this. It leaves a pleasant aftertaste in your mouth after vaping.


NEW – Apple Pie

Dinner Lady - Apple Pie 30ml (3x10ml)Apple Pie was next and I must confess whilst I like the real thing, there’s not a massive amount of stand out liquids that pull this flavour off well. The bottle smell is all about the apples and a little hint of cinnamon. Inhale again a nice buttery pie crust along with apples, really nice apple too and no chemical harshness like some apple flavours give.

The exhale, both the pie and apple are met with a subtle cinnamon running underneath.The 30ml that I had for review lasted only a short time.This is a very enjoyable liquid and I am impressed with the quality here.

So far this is two out of two for dinner lady with the new offerings.


NEW – Blackberry Crumble

Dinner Lady - Blackberry Crumble 30ml (3x10ml)Last but not least is blackberry crumble. I have to try and keep my thoughts clear on this one as one of my current favourite liquids is a fruit crumble flavour that is absolutely bang on for flavour. I will not name for reasons of fairness in this review but anyone reading that knows me will know this liquid without a doubt.

The smell from opening the bottle is clearly a blackberry and it smells great. The inhale is a very good mixture of the blackberry with crumble lurking underneath. The exhale it all flips around and the crumble becomes more prominent with more biscuit/buttery crumble tones mixing in with the blackberry that’s toned down. There is a nice taste to this and the same can be said for the aftertaste.



New Dessert Flavours – Final Thoughts

So there you have it the newest flavours to the dessert line seem to be very consistent and I’m sure each will be as successful as the lemon tart was. I know not everyone will like every single liquid, if that was the case everything would be awesome and there would be no need for reviewers. But whatever vape dinner lady did this time around has worked. The flavours are strong and punchy and all three juices give a really nice experience when vaping them. I am now looking forward to what vape dinner lady bring out next!

To purchase any of the liquids I have reviewed today please click here.

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