Panda Juice Co – 25ml Lemonade Review

Panda Lemonade 25ml Review

Panda Juice Co Lemonade Line

Here’s a review for Panda Juice Co, Lemonade Line. This is a three flavour line from the same guys that brought us a cola line. The original cola line consisted of 3 pretty good cola flavours and again this time we have 3 lemonade inspired flavours. The flavours are as follows: Cloudy Apple Lemonade, Blue Raspberry Lemonade and Perfect Pink Lemonade.

The juices come in 25ml short fill bottles. This has enough space to add in a nicotine shot if you desire. The difference being with these if you do add nicotine shots is that you only need half of a 10ml bottle to make a 3mg liquid. The entire 10ml shot would make a 6mg liquid. At this point in time I am unsure if the bottles are flavour boosted to accommodate a whole shot but if this is the case then there is certainly room in the market for shortfills that allow 6mg users to enjoy slightly bigger bottles than the TPD allows.

The bottles are priced at £6.99 which is exclusive of nicotine shots. The bottles are mixed to a 70VG ratio.

Perfect Pink LemonadePanda Lemonade - Perfect Pink Lemonade 25ml

First up is perfect pink lemonade because that is the one that stood out for me as I love pink lemonade. My favourite pink lemonade is from Vapetasia so this will take some beating but let’s see. The smell, it smells promising, great lemon notes and a hint of berry coming through. The taste at the beginning is a powerful punchy lemon. Its pretty authentic as an old-fashioned lemonade type flavour and certainly refreshing for these hot summer days. The exhale brings out notes of raspberry that add a fair amount of sweetness to compensate again the citrus tones of the lemon. It does not quite do enough to beat the Vapetasia pink lemonade but it is not far off. This is one I would definitely go for if I could not get Vapetasia’s at any point.

Cloudy Apple LemonadePanda Lemonade - Cloudy Apple Lemonade 25ml

A pretty unique flavour this time. Cloudy Apple Lemonade isn’t one that I recall seeing from any other brand ever. The smell is a combination of apple juice and lemon.

The inhale as before with the pink lemonade is the same punchy lemon. I presume the same base lemonade flavour has been used in all three so it is pointless describing it again! ( read above ) The exhale, a combination of sweetened apples comes into play. Like a fresh apple juice, not the filtered stuff, the real apple juice. A lovely vape that surprised me at just how good it is. This is one of those flavours that you do not expect to work as well as it does.

Well worth a buy!

Blue Raspberry LemonadePanda Lemonade - Blue Raspberry Lemonade 25ml

Another flavour profile that I have never seen made previously if anyone reading wants to let me know of another I would be very interested. It is always good to have something to compare to or benchmark against when reviewing.

From the bottle, that typical blue raspberry smell, and of course the lemon. The inhale is definitely the same lemon as before but the blue raspberry makes an appearance also when inhaling. It is the exhale that allows the blue raspberry to come out more and adds a great dimension to this juice. The blue raspberry is both sweet and tasty and works well with the lemonade.

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