Panda Bomb E-Liquid Review

Panda Bomb Eliquid Review 2019

Panda Bomb is a new company to me, UK based and launching with an initial line of two flavours. In this review, I am going to be looking at both of these flavours and letting you know my thoughts on both.

The Panda Bomb range is available from E-Liquids UK and comes in a short fill form, which is the norm these days. Priced at £11.99 for a 50ml short fill, nicotine shots are extra.

The flavours I will be looking at are Bang Bang and Little Cracker. Both are mixed to a 70VG mix.

Bang BangPanda Bomb - Bang Bang 50Ml Short Fill

This was pitched to me as the best banana bread liquid out there by Antony who knows just how much I enjoy this type of liquid. For him to say this it has to be good. This is a guy that likes nothing that I like!!

The smell from the bottle is beautiful, it is like a slice of rich smelling banana bread, I cannot wait to try it.

The inhale just blew my mind, already this is an incredibly tasty liquid. Distinctive banana bread taste, with both bready tones and ripe bananas. The exhale, it starts as the inhale ended, sweet banana bread with a slight cinnamon taste, sweet but not sickly which is just how I like it. If this was the end then it would have been great but along with the banana bread you get a nice smooth creamy taste, vanilla notes, very subtle but indeed they are there. For me this is one of those liquids that makes you want to keep trying it, each exhale brings a slightly different experience. Higher wattages of around 85w were perfect for this liquid.

My only negative really, it does gunk up coils quickly but for a juice this good, it is a small price to pay!

Stunning, liquid, needs an award!

Little CrackerPanda Bomb - Little Cracker 50Ml Short Fill

Off the back of Bang Bang, we have Little Cracker, This is a concoction of raspberries with graham crackers.

The smell predominately is raspberry. I will be honest, it does not smell that appealing to me, but on we go there is a review to do.

Never judge a juice by its smell, that’s the lesson here. The inhale gives a sweet raspberry flavour with a small hint of biscuit. The biscuit on the exhale comes out much stronger and is very authentic tasting. The raspberry dies down somewhat but whilst still there, does not mask the biscuit. Underneath this, almost at the end comes marshmallow. What a finisher, this adds a nice level of sweetness that marries well with the raspberry and biscuit.


Panda Bomb, I would consider being an upcoming line, We need to see more from these! With flavours like the two I have just reviewed, I would be very interested to see what else comes out of the Panda Bomb e-liquid labs.