Momo Bakery Review

Momo Bakery Review 2018

Momo – The Bakery Line

We are barely into 2018 and Momo are back with a brand new line mixing up some brand new treats. Momo is a UK company based out of Kent in the South-East of England. I have previously reviewed the original line and loco Lola lines over on my own website. I am here today to share my thoughts on their three new flavours.

The bakery line had me excited, even more excited than when I normally see a new Momo juice coming up. This is one phenomenal company in my opinion. Massive emphasis on a quality juice that is not going to hurt the pocket. Besides this here we have a bakery line that really is my favourite type of liquid to go for.

The Bakery Line is available on in 50ml shortfills. Each is blended to a 70VG ratio.

Vikki Sponge MoMo Bakery - Vikki Sponge 50ml Short Fill

Vikki sponge is the first one that I am going to try. Coming in a bright pink bottle which stands out like the rest of the Momo bottles. This is a take on the famous Victoria Sponge cake. The scent from the bottle I get is strawberry and cake. Inhaling you start off with the cake flavour that slowly builds in flavour and depth with a little bit of strawberry coming in. The exhale I take slowly and the cake grows into a lovely buttery cake with the strawberry going from a sweet strawberry taste to a distinctive strawberry jam. About half way through the exhale you get a nice helping of cream coming through that sits on your tongue until the end. The aftertaste is more of that delicious cake. Stunning flavour and a must try vote here.

MoMo Bakery - Apple Splatter 50ml Short FillApple Splatter

Apple splatter up next and to be honest I was initially sceptical about this one as I do not really like pear flavours. Then I remembered back to the grapefruit in soda-lish that changed my mind on grapefruit. The scent this time is mostly apple with a touch of cinnamon. Inhaling gives you a nice hit of apples straight away that mixes with a pear taste that isn’t too bad. Exhaling continues with the pear coming out a lot more and the cinnamon coming right out. It almost reminds me of muffin man but with added pear. Right towards the end of the exhale I get a pastry/cake taste coming out and this lasts until the end and forms the aftertaste with the apples. This flavour grew on me the more I vaped it and was the first flavour that I finished.

Berry PavlovaMoMo Bakery - Berry Pavlova 50ml Short Fill

The raspberry pavlova I was really looking forward too. I had visions of a fruity meringue juice in my head and could not wait to try it. The smell from the bottle was very very fruity! Inhale was really surprising you get an enormous hit of mixed berries rushing over your taste buds. Blackberries galore here, the very fruity smell did not let me down here. The exhale the fruits seem to multiply, more blackberry and red berries joining in too. The meringue is there too however it is not as strong as I thought it might have been but when you taste it you get that true authentic meringue taste. Ending the exhale is a mixture of sweet notes. This whole juice is absolutely gorgeous and my favourite of this new line. One to try and one to definitely buy.


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