Met4 – Golden Ticket and Pacific Sangha Review

MET4 - Golden Ticket & Pacific Sangha Review

Met4 Golden Ticket & Pacific Sangha Review

Welcome to another review. Today I am going to be reviewing two liquids from Los Angeles based Met4 Vapor. The reason I chose these juices for review is mainly that I am yet to have a decent Chocolate milk flavoured liquid from outside of the UK. I had seen Golden Ticket online for a while and it always took my fancy, I had never come across it until now in the UK

Both liquids are available in 50ml short fills with space to add in a 10ml nicotine shot if you prefer. Pricing is £14.99 exclusive of nicotine shot.

Golden TicketMet4 - Golden Ticket 50ml Short Fill

As the name suggests this is the Chocolate Milk flavour. Reminding me of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory the name is very fitting to the juice. Names aside, the taste experience is far more important here.

Smelling the liquid gives off a rather nice chocolate smell! High hopes for this one.

The inhale is a beautifully smooth chocolate, none of this cheap, chemical tasting flavour here. This is very very smooth. The exhale brings out creamy goodness and lots of it. I am getting different creamy notes and a very slight vanilla taste too. The chocolate is blended perfectly and this is such a well-balanced flavour. The aftertaste lingers on. Sweetness is spot on, not over the top!

Bottle finished in under two days, say no more!

Pacific SanghaMet4 - Pacific Sangha 50ml Short Fill

I have no idea where the name comes from or its association with the flavour but Sangha is something to do with Buddism I believe.

Anyway, this is supposed to be a strawberry milk flavour, so let’s see how this stands up.

The smell is 100% strawberry milkshake, it smells rather Moorish.

Before I get on to the taste, I will say I hated this for about the first tank. But I persevered with this and in the end, I was pleased that I did.

The inhale is mostly strawberry and first, it was a little weird, it was not the taste I was expecting. Yes, I was expecting strawberry but this did not taste like the strawberry type flavour that I would normally vape. Not as sweet. I am not sure what was going on! The exhale allowed more of a creamy taste to come out and this actually worked really well. After the first tank, things settled down and the strawberry was more of a strawberry ( still not quite the same but it worked well ) The creaminess reminded me more of a good strawberry and cream liquid rather than a bona fide strawberry milkshake but it does not matter, overall this is a rather nice flavour.

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