Mad Hatter Cream Pop & Cereal Pop Review

Mad Hatter 120 Cream Pop Review 2018

Mad Hatter – Cream Pop & Cereal Pop Review

Following on from my review of the Juice Ade line I opted to review another line from the guys over at Mad Hatter. This time around I will be letting you know my thoughts on Cream Pop and the more recent Cereal Pop.

Mad Hatter is a company from the USA who really impressed me with the Ade line after being somewhat disappointed with the original I love donuts juice. The thought of trying other liquids from them did not really appeal but thankfully Ade juice changed my thoughts, hence reviewing these new liquids today.

Both Cereal Pop and Cream Pop are available as 100ml shortfill bottles with nicotine shots available separately as an optional purchase. They are both mixed at a ratio of 70VG/30PG.

Cream PopMadHatter - 120 Cream Pop 100ml Short Fill

The first liquid released under this line was Cream Pop originally available as a 120ml bottle but now since the TPD, it is now in a 30ml (3x10ml) pack or a 50ml & 100ml shortfill. Smelling the liquid as I added my nicotine shot I got a strong smell of oranges. The inhale is a mildly cold sensation with a very impressive orange juice taste. Like freshly squeezed oranges rather than a candy orange. The exhale brings on much more of these orange notes and then a gorgeous mixture of vanilla and milk notes. This adds an element of ice cream to the juice. For me, it reminds me of an orange Solero ice cream and is a good match to the taste. The cold sensation runs all the way to the end. The cold sensation I will add is not overpowering. If it was I do not think I would have liked this as much as I do. For me, it is just right.

You can purchase this product here.

Cereal PopMadHatter - 120 Cereal Pop 100ml Short Fill

This is the newest flavour in the line and after trying the Cream Pop I was really looking forward especially as I am going through a cereal liquid kind of phase at the moment. My expectations for this liquid were along the lines of a cereal coated ice cream with a similar cold effect. Let’s see!

So the smell is very much as I expected lots of fruity notes coming off the fruit cereal. So off I went to vape. The inhale was unexpected. It was just fruit cereal, lots of it too. No cold notes at all, I was expecting some cool to this juice. No complaints though! The exhale is the same fruit cereal, with lots more of the fruit coming out this time. A mixture of sharp fruits and citrus notes along with some sweeter berry notes. Underneath this comes the vanilla ice cream flavour. The vanilla settles all the sharpness and fruits and puts them into a smooth creamy blend of flavours. This is a lovely juice, particularly if like me you are a fan of these cereal type vapes.

Overall – A must buy!

You can purchase this product here.

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