Juice Ade – Full Line Review

Ade Juice 50ml Short Fills Review 2018

Intro to Juice Ade

Juice Ade is a line brought to you by the guys over at Mad Hatter. Previously I have only ever tried one liquid from Mad Hatter and that was I love donuts. This was rather disappointing and I did not really get the flavour as it was intended to taste. Though if social media is to be believed people were raving about this liquid. Unfortunately, the hype fell flat on its face. This was well over 18 months ago, times and tastes change so I thought I would give the Ade line a whirl.

Ade juice comes in shortfill bottles. 50ml of liquid and a 10ml gap up top to add your own nicotine shots or VG to suit your taste. They are also available in 10ml and 3 x 10ml multipacks however at the time of writing only shortfills are available. Today I am going to be sharing my thoughts on Blue Ade, Red Ade and Purple Ade. Inspiration for these liquids come from a popular US sports drink, however, I have not tried this so cannot comment if the taste is anything similar.

All the bottles come mixed to a 70VG/30PG ratio.

Blue AdeJuice Ade - Blue Ade 50ml Short Fill

Blue Ade was the first I tried. I am a fan of blue slush type liquids so this one had to come first. Sniffing out of the bottle before I added the nicotine shot I was met with a smell that I did not expect. To be honest I was expecting a raspberry but was actually smelling a blueberry.

On with the inhale, you will get a nice hit of coolness. This is a koolada coolness, not a minty / menthol hit. It is not an over the top amount of cool which I really like it is just the right amount to give the impression of a cold drink. Along with this, you get some sweet blueberry notes.

It is on the exhale however that the blueberry comes to life. A mixture of tart blueberry and fresh blueberries run all the way through. With this, you still get a lingering cooling sensation that is very pleasant. I can tell you now this is my favourite of the line by far. The flavour is very impressive and the go back appeal of it meant that the bottle did not last me long at all.

Red AdeJuice Ade - Red Ade 50ml Short Fill

Red Ade was next up. Having been very impressed with the Blue Ade I was really looking forward to this. So let’s get straight on with this. The smell is very much like a fresh tropical fruit juice. Inhale is much the same as the Blue, a nice hit of koolada accompanied by a mixture of fruits. There are far too many fruit vibes going on here to distinguish anything other than pineapple which stands out well.

The exhale things start to separate out a little and become a lot easier to taste. There is, of course, the pineapple from the inhale here and a little more prominent but also notes of oranges, mango and very subtle cherry which comes more at the end and stays as an aftertaste. This is a very refreshing liquid and leaves a nice aftertaste in your mouth.

Purple AdeJuice Ade - Purple Ade 50ml Short Fill

Last but not least we have Purple Ade I had my doubts about this as I am not a massive fan of grape liquids. I gathered it would be grape from the name and the initial smell confirmed this. Inhale like the rest of the line brings the same level of coolness which I think Mad Hatter have nailed here and made for an enjoyable experience. Some almost candy-like grape flavours creep in with this coolness.

On the exhale the candy grape taste dissipates and is replaced by a mixture of grape flavours. I am getting a couple of different types of grapes at least. These give a nice flavour but I would not say are a flavour that blew me away. Especially considering the level and quality of flavour in the Blue and Red Ade. Disappointing but not at all terrible. If anything I would say that fans of grape flavours would enjoy this.

Overall thoughts

In short, this is a good line of liquid. The Blue Ade is gorgeous and is my favourite. This is closely followed by the Red Ade. The coolness in all the juices suits me perfectly as I have never been one for massive amounts of mint or koolada. So for those with similar thoughts when it comes to this these are worth a look for sure.

Purchase directly from this link here or find out more.

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