Holy Cannoli – Full Review

Holy Cannoli Eliquids

Holy Cannoli Eliquids

Another dessert eliquid comes up for review. I am definately happy with that. Dessert type eliquids really do hit the spot for me when it comes to personal preference. I am pleased to be able to share with you my thoughts on the Holy Cannoli line of eliquids stocked by e-liquids.uk

Cannoli’s incase you are wondering are an Italian pastry. I have never tried one personally but have tried a few cannoli eliquids, definately need to try the real thing out.

Holy Cannoli is a USA based premium ejuice line available in the UK in 100ml shortfill bottles. Shortfills as I wrote about previously, are a means to allow bigger bottles to be purchased in order for you to add your own nicotine as per your personal preferances. The Holy Cannoli line consists of the following four flavours : Pebbled Cannoli, Glazed Donut, Strawberry Dream & French Toast. I am going to look at each one individually and share my thoughts.

Pebbled Cannoli

Holy Cannoli - Pebbled Cannoli 100Ml 0Mg

Pebbled Cannoli is as the name suggests a mix of Cannoli, cream filling and the US cereal fruity pebbles. I figured I would start with this for two reasons. Firstly I have just reviewed and obliterated Bedrock from Ice Cream Donuts and needed

some more fruity pebble fix in my life. Second to this I have been missing a particular fruity cannoli for a long time which is Bam Bam’s Cannoli ( my love for this means 10ml bottles would bankrupt me ). However I had my doubts if this would in fact satisfy my craving as both Bedrock and Bam Bams are beautifully made liquids. How wrong was I !! 

It started from a quick sniff and the ever distinctive fruity pebble tones wafted up. Reminiscent of that first smell from Bam Bams my doubts started to ease. A full kylin later and I am ready to go. First vape, pleasent but no where near as potent of a flavour as Bam Bams was but the more I vaped this the more enjoyable it became. Inhale experience is purely about the fruity pebbles. Exhaling allows the cannoli and cream to develop into a very satisfying vape. A short time later I was through the first tank and onto a second tank and this had really grown on me. So much so I think the flavour surpasses that of Bam Bams for me. The reason for this is there is much more of the cream and pastry flavour coming out of Holy Cannoli’s juice.

Glazed Donut


Not Cannoli related this time round but a donut flavoured liquid. Anyone that knows me will know that I adore the things, vaping oreating I just love a good donut. Holy Cannoli’s glazed donut was the second liquid I tried from the line and I was excited to get into this bottle.

Holy Cannoli - Glazed Donut 100Ml 0Mg

Opening the bottle and taking a quick smell it’s evident this is a glazed donut. Theres nothing that really makes it stand out from any other glazed donut I have tried up to this point. I am hoping the actual taste is more of a memorable experience. Again this went into the Kylin and off I go on this one. Glazed donut it certainly is, there is no mistaking the donut inhale and sweet sugar donut exhale. It is a simple glazed donut mix nothing more too it. There is right at the end of this a rather nice, yet surprising custard taste whether this is intentionally added or my taste buds are going a little crazy, I can definately taste it. Rather nice and really smooth which goes in this eliquids favour as there are some glazed donuts that are are a little harsh. This is never going to be a Loaded beater but as a donut eliquid you could get far far worse.

French Toast

Holy Cannoli - French Toast 100Ml 0Mg

Where do I start on this one! This stuff is an addiction in itself that’s before we even get onto the flavour.

Holy Cannoli’s French toast is everything Vape Breakfast Classics French dude should have been but never was. So many rated it but for me it was rather lacking in the ADV department. This is where Holy Cannoli smash that out of the playing field. French toast has been an all day everyday since trying it. Easily the best eliquid out of the entire line and set to rank high in my all time favourite liquids. So lets get into the taste. You have French toast, maple syrup and stacks of sugar! That’s my sweet-tooth sorted for days. Inhale is a sweet French toast with notes of cinnamon coming through towards the end of the inhale. Exhale starts with that cinnamon coming out and subtle vanilla tones. Maple syrup lays just underneath this, not a prominent flavour but there none the less. Do I again get a hint of custard I think so! but others that tried it could not taste that! ( going by the custard taste in the glazed, I am doubting that now too ) 

Holy Cannoli have nailed this flavour. It comes highly recommended, especially if you are stuck for something new and different to try.

Strawberry Dream

Holy Cannoli - Strawberry Cream Cannoli 100Ml 0Mg

This was the last for me to try. I am always a little wary of Strawberry eliquids. I have been let down too many times before. So here we are back on the Cannoli again, filled with Strawberry cream. A little whiff and it smells like a strawberry angel delight or something similar. That’s great for me this should taste good.

One full Kylin later and I have come to the conclusion that is rather tasty. The Strawberry comes through first as you inhale and the rich Cannoli comes out with the cream on the exhale. The strawberry is a little too dominating in this eliquid. But with that said it does not spoil the juice too much. It does mask the cream flavours a little I feel.

A nice flavour for you bakery fans out there and for those that love a decent Strawberry make this a serious consideration.

And… Finally.

To sum this up briefly, Holy Cannoli have brought some serious eliquids to the UK market. Focusing on the short fills is a positive as the price remains competitive. But most important of all they bring us 4 good flavours. If pushed for a favourite then French Toast wins for me, closely followed by Pebbled Cannoli. These have been a pleasure to review and share with you guys.