The Big ML Club Review

The Big ML Club 100ml Short Fills Review

Intro to Big ML Club Liquids

Another UK liquid to be reviewed and this time around is the turn of Big ML Club. Big ML is a brand new line to hit UK stores coming from the ever popular Vape Dinner Lady. I have recently reviewed the Dinner Lady Desserts Line so I am looking forward to these. Recently I have been vaping a lot of dessert liquids so it is nice to try a range that is not all about creams, custard and cake!

Big ML Club comes in 100ml shortfill bottles and is mixed to a ratio of 65vg/35pg. There is enough space remaining to add your nicotine shots and flavours are strengthed to allow for nicotine shots. I will be reviewing each of these using the dead rabbit RDA.

Apple Cherry

Big ML Club - Apple Cherry 100ml Short Fill

First up for review I am trying Apple Cherry, No hints needed for the flavour profile. The smell from the bottle reminds me of apple sours. Taking in the inhale the flavour is unmistakable as a fresh green apple. As with the smell, the taste does remind me of apple sours too. The exhale brings more of the apple but with the addition of a nice hit of cherry. This flavour to me is like the cherry from Haribo sweets. These are my favourite sweets! The cherry is more of a Black cherry which has a more distinctive taste than red cherries.

Overall this is an impressive juice. I must admit having been a little cautious towards some of these as fruits are not my normal juice to vape.

Raspberry Mojito
Big ML Club - Raspberry Mojito 100ml Short Fill

Mojito liquids, I have only ever reviewed one of these in the past and it was pretty good. Let’s see how the Big ML Club fairs up. The smell from the bottle is mostly raspberry. Inhale for me brings a nice amount of sweet raspberry that slowly greats treated to some light mint tones. The exhale is more about the mint and a slight and I mean really subtle cucumber type taste. This is probably to give that authentic mojito taste. I must add the mint is not a supercooling mint. It is like a fresh sprig of mint picked from the garden it is very nice indeed. The raspberry is there all the way through the exhale adding a nice fruity sweetness into the mix.

Another good flavour that is very close to that of mojitos.

Tropical Juice
Big ML Club - Tropical Juice 100ml Short Fill

From the smell from the bottle, this reminded me of fruit salad chews its hard to distinguish between anything being prominent at this point. The inhale however is a very potent pineapple, pineapple lovers will love this. Its a very tasty pineapple that you get and this is soon followed by a burst of koolada to add a reasonably pleasant cooling effect. The exhale again the pineapple dominates here but with this, I also get a touch of mango and some distinct orange flavours too. The cold effect is there from start to finish and is a little stronger than I normally like. The pineapple could perhaps be a little less to allow some of the other flavours to come through.

All in all its a nice refreshing juice, very much a tropical flavour.

Grape Lemonade
Big ML Club - Grape Lemonade 100ml Short Fill

Lemonades are a mixed bunch for me, I have recently had what I consider to be the best lemonade flavours from Vapetasia, there’s a review of that on the site from a short time ago. The smell I get from this is grape. Like the drink KA. Inhale confirms this, it’s almost a black grape and very similar to that KA black grape drink. Rather tasty as it goes! At the end of the exhale you are treated to some of the citrus notes of the lemon coming in. It’s not a full-blown lemonade flavour at this point. The exhale mixes it right up. Coming out first is a lovely lemonade flavour that almost fizzes as you exhale. The black grape comes next. It’s a nice grape I would describe it as a sweet shop style grape rather than an authentic fresh grape flavour. But that does not do any damage to the quality of this liquid. Whilst, not the best lemonade it is very very close.

Pink Muffin
Big ML Club - Pink Muffin 100ml Short Fill

I should be in my element with this one, it’s a cakey treat that I love! Give me dessert liquids all day and I am a happy chap! The smell from this is strawberry. The inhale is as expected a strawberry, I was expecting a cake to be honest but it’s definitely strawberry and no cake yet. This is more of a sweet strawberry rather than a jam I would hazard a guess that its some type of frosting. The exhale, wow! the cake comes through like a dream and it’s incredibly tasty. In my head, its saying moist muffin topped off with strawberry frosting. This is good! perfect balance of cake to strawberry and a nice lick your lips kind of sweetness at the end.

Really enjoyable and easily the best of the line for me.

Trifle Delight

Big ML Club - Trifle Delight 100ml Short Fill


Never had a trifle juice before I have seen them but strangely for me, I never opted to try. Will this change things? So the smell I get is a very nice strawberry with a subtle cream. Like strawberries and cream. Inhaling just confirms that initial smell, lots of sweet strawberries here. Towards the end of the inhale, the are some cream notes coming in. A slow exhale allows you to get a lot more of these creams coming out and there is almost a custard type flavour going on. This is pretty tasty. Higher wattages really bring out the creams and custard flavours a lot more. This is a fantastic effort at reproducing a trifle in liquid form. An all day vape for me easily.



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