MPs urge the NHS to make E-Cigarettes the safe and convenient choice

Mps urge the NHS to promote E-Cigarettes

Smoking kills – and it costs the NHS an estimated £2 billion a year. But in a new report by the Parliamentary Science and Technology committee, MPs say that the NHS is turning a blind eye to the options for using vaping as a viable smoking cessation tool. According to the Office for National Statistics, […]

Number of Older Smokers in the UK Increase For the First Time In Years

Number of older smokers in the UK increase for the first time in years

Reasons for growing numbers of adult smokers in the UK Recent research from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) has highlighted that smoking rates for older adults grew from 16.1% in 2016 to 16.8% in 2017, which is a reversal of the downward trend that had consistently been seen for many years. These stats were […]

Vape Tax Proposals Could Hit Britain’s 2.9 Million Vapers

Vape Tax Proposals Could Hit Britain's 2.9 Million Vapers

The Conservative government has pledged to find an additional £20 Billion for the NHS, for which sadly somewhat unsurprisingly it seems their initial instinct is to find new ways to tax people for their pleasures.  As a part of the so-called “sin tax”, the current proposals suggest a tax which would see the estimated 2.9 […]

Hospital Vaping Areas; A Success Story?

No Smoking - No Vaping UK Hospitals

Ever since the UK smoking ban in 2007 smoking has, of course, been strictly prohibited inside hospitals, with small dedicated smoking areas being set up outside buildings. More recently, the government has been attempting to initiate policies to move towards a smoke-free environment for the entirety of NHS premises. However, this is proving challenging. Colchester […]

Panda Juice Co – 25ml Lemonade Review

Panda Lemonade 25ml Review

Panda Juice Co Lemonade Line Here’s a review for Panda Juice Co, Lemonade Line. This is a three flavour line from the same guys that brought us a cola line. The original cola line consisted of 3 pretty good cola flavours and again this time we have 3 lemonade inspired flavours. The flavours are as […]