Reduce Your Fire Risk With Vaping

Vaping Reduces Risk Of Fires

The Dorset Fire Service has highlighted the importance of switching from smoking to reduce the number of cigarette-related home fires.

The Dorset Fire Service has highlighted the importance of switching from smoking to reduce the number of cigarette-related home fires. Their advice is backed up by the frequent directions from the pro-vaping London Fire Service that noticed a dramatic drop in call outs as people switched to using electronic cigarettes.

What is the Dorset Fire Service want people to do?

It is urging all smokers to bin their tobacco habit as it is a “top factor” in fatal home fire incidents.

What does its spokesperson say?

The Dorset Fire Service’s spokesperson commented: “Smoking-related materials have been the top factor in fatal fires for many years. The best way to prevent such fires is to stop smoking. If you’re caring for someone who smokes – start by encouraging them to quit.

“Also, make sure you or others have working smoke alarms fitted in the home and be sure to test them regularly. If the person you care for has a personal alarm system, is it linked to the smoke alarms? This can be arranged for additional safety.”

How does this relate to other fire services?

Back in 2014, fire prevention officers were noting that vaping was having a dramatic impact on incident rates. In their report “Fire statistics Great Britain 2011 to 2012” they noted that there were 2,673 accidental fires caused by smoking. This resulted in a death rate of 84 smokers per year.

Vaping was booming, it was approximated that there were 2.1 million e-cigarette users. There were just 57 accidental fires caused and a single death so the benefit of smokers switching was obvious.

Burnt E-Cig
Burnt E-Cigarette found in a house fire due to being left to charge unattended.

Cheshire Fire Service advocated switching in 2017 and gave smokers the following advice:

The following year, London’s Assistant Commissioner for Fire Safety Dan Daly said: “So many [of these] deaths and injuries could have been prevented either by stopping smoking or by switching to vaping. We would rather people didn’t smoke at all but if they do, vaping is a safer option.”

Daly continued: “There is a common misconception that vapes are a fire risk but the reality is they have caused a very small number of fires – normally because the device is broken or it’s being charged by a faulty charger. Smoking on the other hand is a killer. Common causes of smoking-related fires are people falling asleep while smoking or discarding cigarette butts or matches that have not been properly extinguished.”

The London Fire Service added: “For smokers who aren’t ready to quit yet, e-cigarettes (vapes) are a better option from a fire safety perspective. Dropping a vape on a carpet, duvet or armchair won’t start a fire. So, if quitting completely isn’t on the cards, it’s a simple swap that can save lives.”