The Importance of Airflow While Vaping

The Importance Of Airflow When Vaping

The important role airflow plays in your vaping experience and how you can tweak it.

While there are many ‘out of the box’ vaping solutions for beginners, one of the reasons electronic cigarettes have proved so successful at helping smokers to switch away from tobacco is down to how e-cigs can be customised for individual tastes. One of the key areas of this is airflow. So, how does this work and what can you change?

How are vape kits customisable?

If you own a basic kit, you may be very content with a simple refill, recharge and go. The problem is that a number of smokers try a vape starter kit and it fails to tick the boxes for them. Also, some people find that they are getting bored with their kit after a while and fancy exploring other options.

More advanced tanks can be customised with the amount of air coming in to hit the coil, the angle of the air intake, the position of the coil and more.

Does changing airflow make a difference to the vape experience?

Absolutely it does.

Changing the airflow can make two main differences: it can alter the volume of vapour being produced, and it can change the flavour of the e-liquid that you taste.

How does airflow work?

Typically, air comes in through the side of your tank and is directed onto the side of your coil or comes up from underneath the coil.

The air then carries the evaporated e-liquid from the coil up a tube to your drip tip/mouthpiece and into your mouth.

Vape Tank In Pieces To Show Airflow

How does airflow change the temperature of vape?

This is probably common sense, but the more air you have coming into your atomiser, the cooler the vape will be in your mouth. This is important to smokers as they are more used to hot smoke and the hotter the vape the more similar to smoking is. This means that beginners tend to get on with a tighter pull (or draw) on their device.

How does airflow change the flavour of vape?

The more airflow, the less flavour is the short answer.

Why would someone want less flavour?

It is unlikely they would, but the other impact of increasing airflow is increased clouds and this is important to vapers who want to ‘chase clouds’ through direct-to-lung vaping.

To combat this drop in flavour, direct-to-lung vapers use sub-ohm e-liquid that have more flavour in it. They also increase the power output of their device which means more e-liquid gets vaporised faster.

How do I change my airflow?

Simple systems tend to involve turning a ring on the atomiser, and opening up larger intake holes.

More advanced types of vape tanks can use a pin arrangement where the pins have different diameter holes through the middle. These pins can be swapped out to increase or reduce the airflow under the coil.

In conclusion

Changing the airflow can dramatically alter your vaping experience by increasing or reducing the volume of clouds and the flavour you experience. If you are interested in trying a more advanced tank why not check out our current stock of vape tanks?