Why Should You Recycle Your Vape & Batteries?

Why You Should Recycle Your Vape &Amp; Batteires

It is imperative that electronic cigarette users dispose of old batteries and sealed devices safely and as a responsible vendor we are happy to help recycle your items and protect the planet.

The other week, we touched on battery safety and how switching from tobacco cigarettes to vaping reduced house fires. When lithium-ion vape batteries are no longer fit for purpose (whether loose or contained in sealed devices) they need to be disposed of safely. E-Liquids UK is committed to being a responsible online vape shop and can help you recycle your old items securely.

What is the problem with throwing away lithium-ion batteries?

This week, ITV News has demonstrated what can happen when lithium-ion (or Li-ion) cells, the batteries that power our vaping devices, are discarded into conventional rubbish bins.

In a report from the Grenada region, the news organisation reported that fire officials are pleading with vapers, mobile phone users, and owners of other portable electrical gadgets to think about the consequences of not thinking about the repercussions of popping something in the bin.

The advice comes following a spate of fires occurring in bin lorries and at refuse centres.

The batteries that power our equipment are tiny little powerhouses and, even when they reach the end of their life and no longer function efficiently, are still stores of a lot of energy. When lithium-ion cells are punctured, heat, or hit this energy can be released with a bang and heat is given out.

ITV reports that batteries in normal household rubbish counted for over 260 fires last year. It recalls how a fire that broke out in a Pilsforth landfill took a week before services managed to bring it under control.

A video report produced for ITV shows how a worker was “lucky to escape uninjured”.

Are there any other problems caused by throwing batteries into the bin?

Yes. Li-ion batteries contain acids and toxic heavy metals like mercury and lead. These chemical compounds leach into the soil when they are buried in landfill sites. Over time the chemicals leach into stream and rivers endangering humans, natural wildlife and the rural environment.

How should I get rid of vape batteries and devices that no longer work well?

The answer is very simple you just need to recycle them.

Recycle Your Vape Batteries

What is the benefit of recycling my vape batteries?

Other than making the planet safer for animals and plants, recycling allows us to recover the chemicals from batteries. Some of them are expensive to mine, some are in short supply, and so recycled components can be used to make new batteries –

which in turn helps to keep the cost of them down.

How do I recycle a li-ion battery or a device containing one?

All our vape shops are proud to handle this for you in-store or offer advice online. As a responsible vendor, we ensure that we maintain full compliance with the WEEE Regulations, in accordance with Valpak’s environmental compliance scheme.

You will find a recycling box where you can place your used cells and old devices. It is safer still if you put some tape over the ends of the battery.

What if I can’t get to a store? Where else can I recycle a battery?

Your local council “tip”, now called recycling centres, are ideal alternative locations. Also, some supermarkets offer collection points where you can deposit old cells.

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