Advice For New Vapers

Advice For New Vapers 2021

The UK has just under 7 million smokers and a growing number of them are considering trying an electronic cigarette or looking switch. You may have tried one in the past and it didn’t work, you might have switched but are still unsure, but everyone has questions they still need answered. Here we hope to help you through the decision-making process.

With a bewildering array of UK vape liquids and different devices stocked by UK vape shops, how do you know what is the right one for you?

If you’ve recently switched, then maybe you have questions about the wide range of UK vape juice and wonder what is different about a premium vape liquid?

Ultimately, well done for being at the stage where you want to find out more about something described by Public Health England as “at least 95% safer than smoking”.

I’ve tried vaping once and it wasn’t for me…

This is the main reason smokers give when asked why they stopped trying to vape and returned to tobacco. Different products work for people in different ways and the key thing when starting out is to stick with it and be prepared to try another product if your current one doesn’t hit the spot.

America'S Teen Vaping Epidemic

Online UK vape shop E-Liquid UK stocks many different types of devices and UK vape liquids – most of them will deliver the rewarding experience you are seeking, some won’t. Why? Take a look at the next section. If you want to try vaping again a disposable elf bar might be just what you need.

What is the best vape device and e-juice?

In many ways this is the wrong question. While it is possible to identify the best microwave or lawnmower, your tastebuds and way of vaping will be very unique to you.

Most vapers will tell new users to buy a cheap vape starter kit rather than purchase something expensive that might not suit their vaping style. Everyone quickly goes on to buy a second, third or vast collection of devices so it makes sense to hedge your bets to begin with. The best thing to do is to pop into your local UK vape shop or use the contact section on E-Liquid UK to ask questions.

Adjust your expectations

As with devices, don’t expect the first e-liquid flavour you try to be perfect. Firstly, coming from smoking, your taste buds will still be adjusting to tasting things normally again.

For many, this means starting with tobacco or menthol flavours before trying some of the more exotic options a month or two down the line.

Also, do it one bottle at a time – you don’t want to have a drawer full of aniseed juices if you discover you can’t stand the taste. It may be best to stick to the cheaper options available too until your sense of taste settles down as almost everyone moves on from the juices they used when they first switched from smoking tobacco.

How do I vape an e-cig?

It’s important to remember that vaping is very different to drawing on a cigarette.

Most successful first-time vapers tend to vape in a mouth-to-lung style as this most closely resembles the act of smoking. They draw vapour into their mouth using their cheeks and then lightly inhale air when removing the device from their mouth.

Sucking enthusiastically on the drip tip can result in gurgling and spitting. Solutions to this are to inhale more gently or, when refilling, insert a cotton bud into the device to mop up the excess fluid.

Take care of your vape kit

Keep you kit clean and remember to change you coil/coil head frequently. Although it is possible to get a coil to run for a long time, as it gets used the cotton will darken and the flavour become muted.

Swapping for a new coil and giving the tank a good clean will ensure the original flavour sparkle returns.

Remember: if you have any further questions about premium vape liquid, UK vape juice, or any devices, contact us at E-Liquid UK.