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JD’s Top Ten Must Have E-Liquid Summer Selection

JD's Summer Flavours 2019

Top Ten E-Liquid Summer Selection Hello everyone! Along with tasty e-liquid, I also love a good list. So today, I’m coming at you all with a wonderful little list of my 10 favourite e-liquids for this summer! I will be ranking each flavour on three important things: Coil Friendliness Flavour Strength Overall Rating I hope […]

Committee of MPs call for scrap on vaping ban in public places

MP's call to scrap vaping ban in public places

MPs in an all-party select committee on science and technology have published their long-awaited report into vaping and are calling on the government to scrap the ban on vaping in public places, including on trains and buses. The report states that the government is missing out on the opportunity to cut deaths related to smoking […]

MPs urge the NHS to make E-Cigarettes the safe and convenient choice

Mps urge the NHS to promote E-Cigarettes

Smoking kills – and it costs the NHS an estimated £2 billion a year. But in a new report by the Parliamentary Science and Technology committee, MPs say that the NHS is turning a blind eye to the options for using vaping as a viable smoking cessation tool. According to the Office for National Statistics, […]

Vape Tax Proposals Could Hit Britain’s 2.9 Million Vapers

Vape Tax Proposals Could Hit Britain's 2.9 Million Vapers

The Conservative government has pledged to find an additional £20 Billion for the NHS, for which sadly somewhat unsurprisingly it seems their initial instinct is to find new ways to tax people for their pleasures.  As a part of the so-called “sin tax”, the current proposals suggest a tax which would see the estimated 2.9 […]