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Tobacco Giant’s Anti-Smoking Advert Under The Spotlight

Phillip Morris Anti-Smoking Advert Under The Spotlight

One of the world’s biggest tobacco companies, Philip Morris, has placed an anti-smoking advertisement in some newspapers in the UK. The company owns the Marlboro brand, and the ad it has published promotes the company’s “ambition to stop selling cigarettes in the United Kingdom.” In what can only be described as a complete U-turn, the […]

Hospital Vaping Areas; A Success Story?

No Smoking - No Vaping UK Hospitals

Ever since the UK smoking ban in 2007 smoking has, of course, been strictly prohibited inside hospitals, with small dedicated smoking areas being set up outside buildings. More recently, the government has been attempting to initiate policies to move towards a smoke-free environment for the entirety of NHS premises. However, this is proving challenging. Colchester […]

Possible Brexit Boost for Vapers

Possible Brexit boost for Vapers

Brexit may give the UK e-cigarette business a boost and prove a boon for vapers as it could be the opportunity for government ministers to cut red tape surrounding the strength and size of nicotine refill containers and lead to changes to other associated vaping products. Vaping has proved the popular option for regular smokers […]

House of Commons E-Cigarette Inquiry

Houses of Parliament UK

E-cigarettes have long been a subject of debate since first hitting stores around a decade ago. While a number of scientific studies have extolled the virtues of the e-cigarette as a much safer alternative to smoking, scaremongering and scepticism surrounding the product have left many smokers and non-smokers unsure whether or not to give them […]

Another Big Tobacco Giant Turns Against Cigarettes

Another Big Tobacco Giant Turns Against Cigarettes

Leading tobacco company Philip Morris International (PMI) has made a surprise announcement of its intention to stop selling cigarettes in the UK, as it continues its push to switch its market to healthier alternatives such as e-cigarettes. The world’s second-largest tobacco manufacturer, which produces a host of famous brands including Marlboro and Parliament, has gone […]