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Vape Industry Research and Impact

Since 2020 we’ve been writing articles based on research conducted on the vaping industry and the impact it’s had on us as a society. We feel it’s extremely important to provide our readers with updates on leading research into smoking cessation technology, upcoming laws and regulations which could change the way our industry operates.

Who Is Selling Disposable Vapes to Children

Who Is Selling Disposable Vapes To Children?

The sale of Disposable Vapes to Children under the age of 18 in convenience stores is a major problem in the United Kingdom and has caused an increase in vaping among minors. The sale of these products, which are available in a variety of flavours, has contributed to a growing number of underage people who […]

Vaping Has Become Socially Acceptable

Vaping Has Become Socially Acceptable

In the past decade, vaping has become increasingly popular in the UK, with an estimated 3 million people now using e-cigarettes. It has become a socially acceptable alternative to smoking, offering a variety of flavours and ways to enjoy nicotine. For many, vaping is seen as a healthier alternative to smoking, and it’s no surprise […]

The Decline of Sub Ohm Vaping

The Decline In Sub Ohm Vaping

Sub Ohm vaping was once the crown jewel of the e-cigarette community. But where are these ‘cloud chasers’ now? Chances are they now use nicotine salts or the now-infamous disposable vapes. What is Sub Ohm Vaping? Sub Ohm vaping uses a lower resistance coil and higher wattage kit, along with e-liquids that are blended at […]

The UK Might Ban Disposable Vapes

Uk Disposable Vape Industry 2021 Reviewed

The vape industry has responded to comments in the media regarding the threat of a rise in illegal vapes being seized and the claimed danger of flavoured products which ultimately could result in disposable e-cigarettes being banned across the UK. The Chartered Trading Standards Institute has recently been in the news commenting on the proliferation […]

Is Bright Packaging Encouraging Children To Vape?

Is Bright Packaging Encouraging Children To Vape?

Education professionals and some people working in marketing believe that colourful packaging is driving young people into taking up vaping. National radio phone-in shows this week have heard similar comments – but does the UK have a teen vape crisis? What have education professionals said? A deputy head at a secondary school in Nottinghamshire has […]