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Does Vaping Pose A Second-Hand Risk?

Does Vaping Pose A Second Hand Risk To Others Around You?

The World Health Organisation think vaping poses a second-hand risk to bystanders… The World Health Organization’s Collaborating Centre for Tobacco Control in Barcelona has released a study that claims vaping poses a risk to non-vaping bystanders. It sets new levels for poor quality research and is rebuffed by all of the independent evidence from the […]

Free E-Cigarettes For Hospitals In The UK

Free E-Cigarettes For Uk Hospitals

Smokers attending A&E departments are going to benefit from a new trial where they’ll be offered free electronic cigarette starter kits for free. A new initiative being conducted by the University of East Anglia will see smokers attending NHS hospital A&E departments being offered an electronic cigarette starter kit for free. The initiative comes as […]

UEA Adopts New Tech To Monitor Vaping

University Of East Anglia (Uea) Adopts New Tech To Monitor Vaping

The University of East Anglia uses new ‘puff technology’ in research The University of East Anglia (UEA) is adopting “new technology” to monitor the number of puffs vapers take as part of future studies. The results the researchers obtain is going to be used to develop an artificial intelligence system to be used in the […]

Research Finds No Support For Tougher Vape Regulation

Research By The Scottish Grocers’ Federation Finds A Lack Of Public Support For Tougher Ecig Regulation

Research conducted by the Scottish Grocers’ Federation has discovered a lack of public support for stiffer regulation of tobacco harm reduction products such as vaping equipment. Its findings come at a time when many are calling for a relaxation of restrictions following Brexit in order to encourage more smokers to switch to electronic cigarettes. The […]

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