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Is It Time to Try Vaping Instead?

New Year - Is It Time To Try Vaping Instead?

Is it time for a new you in the New Year? Is it time to try vaping instead of smoking? Are you a smoker who has made a resolution to stop using tobacco? Millions of smokers managed to quit by switching to vaping – and trying an e-cig instead of smoking a cigarette is a […]

Is Vaping with an RDA Bad For You?

Is Using And Rda Bad For Your Health?

A new study attempts to whip up fear over using rebuildable dripping atomisers – should we be wary of them or just continue vaping? A new study by researchers at the Eastern Virginia Medical School attempts to whip up fear over the use of rebuildable dripping atomisers – should we be wary of them? A […]

Is it Legal to Vape While Driving?

Vaping While Driving, Is It Legal?

Is it possible to vape and drive? Is it included in the ban on smoking in cars? What can the police do to people who are vaping while driving? In 2015, Parliament passed a law that banned people from smoking in cars if they contained a child. Some wonder if this means vaping is also […]

Is My Vape Kit Genuine or Fake?

Is My Vape Fake Or Genuine?

The vaping industry is currently suffering from increased growth in counterfeiting. Trade organisation, the UK Vaping Industry Association has said it has noticed the increase in fake items, especially within the disposable vape sector. This article will tell you what you can do to be assured that you are purchasing genuine products. Disposable manufacturer Geek […]

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