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Vape Starter Kits (Quit Smoking)Our Getting Started guides & articles are here to help you with all the daunting questions you have about vaping. Learn from the best and make the transition of quitting smoking much easier. We cover a range of topics such as is it legal to vape while driving? or Is vaping expensive? both commonly asked questions and loads of useful bitesize pieces of information that you will no doubt think about during your vaping journey.

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Where can I Vape on Holiday this Summer?

Where Can I Vape On Holiday This Summer 2022

An update on vape legislation around the world in preparation for summer holiday travel. Where can I Vape on Holiday this Summer? The United Kingdom leads the world in its approach to tobacco harm reduction and the use of electronic cigarettes. With the summer holiday season rapidly approaching, we are updating the situation regarding the […]

Dual-Use, Can You Smoke While Vaping?

Can You Smoke While Vaping?

Top scientists have discovered that even those people who continue to smoke while vaping experience health benefits too, It’s called dual-use. The truth about smoking is an accepted fact – it kills. For over a decade, the truth about vaping has developed through (mainly British) independent studies. From a position of scepticism, all of the […]

Does Vaping Cause Depression?

Does Vaping Cause Depression?

Current claims that vaping could be linked with depression are a clear example of people choosing to confuse correlation with causation. It is an exercise in fake news and pseudoscience which ignores other probable causes for depression and also ignores that it might have existed before the person switched to electronic cigarettes. What are “correlation” […]

Are There Chemicals In Vapes?

Are There Chemicals In Vapes?

Some people try to scare smokers away from switching to e-cigarettes because they say there are chemicals in vapes. We look at whether there are chemicals in e-liquid, what risk they pose and whether you should pay attention to alarmist newspaper headlines. The Daily Mail recently covered the news of Australian researchers publishing a study […]

Does Vaping Cause Diabetes?

Does Vaping Cause Diabetes? Lets Find Out What Research Has Been Done

A new research study claiming that Vaping is linked to prediabetes has been the focus of newspaper stories – but did the researchers actually find it? Over the last year, scientists have tried to claim that electronic cigarettes cause damage to bones, erectile dysfunction, stroke, and depression. One by one they were shown up to […]