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Mr NICE is a cannabis lifestyle brand, created simply to share their love and knowledge of the plant with friends of high culture. Inspired by the true story of Howard Marks, they’re elevating the modern cannabis experience, so that every day can be a NICE day.

They believe in the power of being NICE which is why Mr NICE products uphold the highest standards across their CBD range. Overseeing cultivation from start to finish, which means full traceability.

Through the CO2 extraction method, the product always retains the natural combination of beneficial plant compounds – known as ‘the entourage effect’.

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Skunk No.1 E-Liquid 300mg & 600mg

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Skunk Booster E-Liquid 1000mg By MR NICE CBD

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Mango Kush E-Liquid 300mg/ 600mg By MR NICE CBD

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Lemon Haze E-Liquid 300mg/ 600mg By MR NICE CBD

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Organic CBG Oil

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Organic CBD Oil By MR NICE CBD